Thailand is a perfect combination of exuberance and peace. That’s why many tourists, especially solo travelers, end up staying longer than they initially planned. What if you are traveling alone, or on a business trip, and interested in possibly meeting someone? A little company doesn’t hurt. In fact, if you are single, dating in Thailand can be quite adventurous.

Either you will find people who will be ready to spend time with you, or the ones who are so shy that they seem to be uninterested the dating world. It sounds tricky, right? Some pointers could be helpful before you try to attempt to start dating in Thailand.


Sometimes Genders Overlap

We know it sounds funny when someone suggests you should be sure about the gender of the person you are going out with. The point we are making here is, the transgender community is big in Thailand. Local people call them Katoeys. You may come across transvestites or cross-dressers as well. You can see them in pubs, clubs, cabaret shows, working with airlines and in a high-end shopping mall as sales girls. While some people have no issue with this whatsoever, some could possibly feel misled. Their looks can be so convincing of their preferred gender that many tourists end up being embarrassed after trying a flirt session with them. If there are any doubts, it is better to make sure before you end up making plans.


Make Your Intentions Known Upfront

Thailand is famous for parties, night life and the prostitution business. So obviously, you will encounter girls which are more into a professional experience, rather than pursuing any type of serious relationship. It is very common in Thailand that tourists meet girls, do a little barhopping, and just have fun in general. But, in the end, it might come with a price. If you meet a strange girl who shows interest in you, it is possible that she is considering this friendship as a business deal and would be expecting cash in return. It is better to make your intentions known before you find yourself in an uncomfortable predicament. Just be aware that people going after females and getting ripped off is, unfortunately, not all that rare here.


No Racist Jokes, Please!

Racism should never be taken lightly, or be joked about, regardless of which part of the world you are in. Do not say things like, ‘all Chinese, Koreans and Thai people look alike. How can I tell the difference?’. Statements like that are very offensive, even when that is not your intention. This would seem light and innocuous conversation to you, but it may not end so nicely.

Social Networking Help

It is very possible while you are on a trip to Thailand you could meet a native Thai who shows a deep interest in you. Let’s say you like them as well, and are considering taking it to the next step. How will you be sure about dating a stranger in a foreign place? We suggest you check out their personal Facebook or Instagram pages. If you find something suspicious or dirty laundry in their profiles, time to step back!


A Family Girl

Being very naïve in nature, cultured Thai girls are supposed to be very close to family. If she asks you to meet her folks, it definitely means you are entering into her trust zone. Don’t be shocked if she ditches your date plans because her mother needs help shopping. That’s just how they are! You need to be mentally prepared and bit patient.

Online Dating Is Frisky & Risky

Thailand has online dating services like,, and many more. First of all, it is really difficult to understand the foreign language and expressions on these dating portals, unless you are fluent in the language and local slang. Secondly, and more importantly, you are likely to find those people who are only interested in one night stands. Most Thai people are friendly, but somewhat shy by nature. They take good amount of time to show some interest and give an affirmative response. Many of these sites attract users who interact very explicitly, this can be quite offensive if it is done unexpectedly.

Break Language Barriers & Learn Thai Compliments

Do not expect natives to know, or be well versed in English. Making an extra effort to impress the shy and introverted will show your genuine interest. Learn some compliments and basic greetings in their language. This is only common courtesy to the person you are interacting with.


Avoid Talking About Drugs

Thai people become paranoid when it comes to talking about drugs. If you want to discuss the law and judiciary system regarding this subject, you will find it is not a popular topic and some won’t even talk about it at all. Even if you are clinically advised to have marijuana, don’t mention it. It is not accepted in this culture. It is a serious crime, you will be considered as a drug addict and an offender.


Do Not Talk Negatively About the King

It is not advised to talk badly about the King, or his royal family, in Thailand. If you support democracy and end up discussing the monarchy in a negative way, you may find yourself in a big trouble. Being a bit disrespectful or offensive towards Him will make you look like a villain and in the worst case, can land you in jail for 15 years.


Dress to Impress

Thailand has a fascination with beauty and fashion. You can find some of the most beautiful people in the world here. Even if a conservative girl wears a long skirt, she rocks it. Obviously, they set the same style standards for men. Ganjis and beach printed shorts will only work if have a beach date. If you are going an actual date, don’t put on lousy casual tourist attire. You need to stand out amongst the crowd, dress like a gentleman and impress her.

Solo travel is one of the perfect ways to find your love. Thailand is a beautiful country. It is advisable to understand the dynamics mentioned above so that you enjoy the country the way it should be.

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