Each year thousands of people from all parts of the world choose to move to Thailand. When trying to choose which Thai cities are the best, you may have a hard time deciding because there are just so many beautiful places to choose from. Whether you are looking for bright lights of the big city, or you prefer to be more off the beaten path, there is something for everyone in this tropical oasis.


It’s not surprising the city of Bangkok would top the list. For most people when they think of Thailand, its capital is the first thing that comes to mind. Bangkok is a great a place to live and work for both expats and native Thai people. This is a place where you can find a perfect mixture of ancient traditions and modern advances. There was a time when the city was mostly made up of Buddhist temples, now the area has towering skyscrapers surrounding these sacred sites. The cost of living is very affordable here when compared to other major metropolises. Bangkok is also home to one of the world’s best healthcare systems. The fees are extremely reasonable and the care is highly ranked. There are endless entertainment and shopping opportunities in this vibrant city. Many retirees from around the world choose to spend their final chapter of life in Bangkok.



Phuket used to be a hidden gem that only the luckiest travelers were able to experience, but today it is a tourist hotspot. Many people fall in love with the atmosphere when they visit and they decide to make it their forever home. With beautiful beaches, near perfect climate, cool breezes and friendly people, it’s easy to see why they wouldn’t want to leave. The cost of living isn’t quite as cheap here, like in areas such as Bangkok, but it is still very affordable when compared to other countries.


Chiang Rai

Like other cities in Thailand, the affordability of Chiang Rai makes it a highly desirable area to live, but that is just the beginning. Chiang Rai is home to relaxing hot springs, majestic mountains, raging waterfalls, intriguing caves, and so much more. If you are looking for peace and tranquility, this is the perfect place to find it. Life is much simpler here than in the bigger cities. You won’t find towering skyscrapers and traffic jams here, just small villages and natural beauty galore.


Chiang Mai

People sometimes confuse Chiang Mai with Chiang Rai, but the two couldn’t be more different. The rolling countryside of Chiang Rai is a stark contrast to Thailand’s second largest city, Chiang Mai. Regardless of which area of town you are in, it is always buzzing with activity. There are countless eateries and restaurants, shopping malls, theaters and Buddhist temples. The hub of Chiang Mai is the Old City, a place where traditional meets modern. While this is one of the most populated cities, you will not find the congestion here like in Bangkok. Many locals choose to ride scooters, bikes, or simply walk.


Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a lovely beach town, Thailand’s second largest island, and a great place to live. This area was once a quaint fishing village and coconut plantation, but it has grown into so much more than that. Just an hour flight out of Bangkok, you will find gorgeous beaches, hidden coves and tropical climates. From attractions to restaurants to hotels and fun activities, Koh Samui has all the necessities to make it a wonderful place to be. This makes it very appealing to those who choose to settle in the area.


Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is an archipelago located close to the coast of Thailand in the province of Krabi. Koh Lanta is the largest island and most inhabited of this group of islands. Lovely beaches with small crowds, warm waters and ocean breezes attract tourists and expats alike. Those who choose to live here normally pick this area for its remoteness and affordability.



Pai is a charming little town located in northern Thailand. This is an outdoorsman’s paradise, nestled in the mountains, surrounded by hiking trails dotted with waterfalls. It is no wonder why backpackers absolutely love Pai. There is so much natural beauty to immerse yourself in and the only way to really experience it is by foot. The center of town has all the conveniences one would need; organic outdoor markets, trendy boutiques and internet cafes dot the streets. If you like a touristy atmosphere surrounded by the great outdoors, Pai may be just the place for you.


Hua Hin

Hua Hin is another one of Thailand’s pieces of paradise. This beach resort attracts wealthy retirees and upper class residents from the bigger cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Tourists come from around the world to experience the fine Thai sands, luxurious hotels and cosmopolitan feel. Hua Hin is loved by visitors of all ages. The area is perfect for a weekend getaway or extended stay. It’s not considered a large city, but it is thriving due to popular outdoor markets, restaurants and bars.


The Perfect Place to Call Home

Whatever your reason for wanting to move to Thailand, it is an excellent choice. The people here are so warm and welcoming, that is why it is often referred to as The Land of Smiles. Near-perfect climates, gorgeous landscapes and affordable living definitely tops the list of why so many retirees and expats have chosen to call Thailand home. Real estate investments have been on the rise to accommodate new residents, and this trend is only expected to grow in the coming years.


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