Muay Thai is probably one of the most famous cultural and sporting exports from the nation of Thailand. Often referred to as the ‘art of 8 limbs’, Muay Thai can basically be summed up as a combat sport between two individuals that essentially combines traditional boxing and Asian kick based martial-arts techniques. Fitness is considered paramount for Muay Thai fighters, this is why the sport has become very popular among modern fitness enthusiasts. Muay Thai techniques are currently coached in thousands of gyms and clubs in different countries throughout the world. However, Thailand still holds prominence as the homeland of the Muay Thai, the fighters and trainers from this country have kept the glorious legacy alive by sticking to tradition.


Every year, thousands of people from across the world go to Muay Thai training camps in Thailand for enhancing their martial arts skills and improving their overall fitness. However, with hundreds, if not thousands, of Muay Thai centers operating across Thailand, choosing the right center may be a task that’s easier said than done. If you are seriously willing to learn traditional Muay Thai in Thailand, enrolling at any one of the following camps will be beneficial for you. So, let’s dig into the list.


  1. Wech Pinyo Muay Thai- Ko Samui Island

Located at Lamai Beach within the Island of Ko Samui, this Muay Thai center combines the best natural elements that Thailand can offer: the beach, sunshine and a peaceful distraction-free environment. The prices are incredibly reasonable and you get plenty of options to display your skills in the professional ring environment. Led by a team of expert trainers, you can even choose to take personal sessions for a fairly affordable fee. If you want to take an intensive training regime, you have the option to take two sessions every day at the camp.



  1. Gym Bangarang Muay Thai & Fitness Bootcamp: Chiang Mai

If you aren’t a big fan of crowded beaches or cities, then Gym Bangarang Muay Thai may be the perfect training camp for you. Chiang Mai is an easy-going city in the lush green Northern part of Thailand and an almost perfect setting for learning Muay Thai in a distraction free environment. Gym Bangarang offers a tranquil and a distraction-free environment for people willing to learn Muay Thai, along with top notch hospitality and accommodation services. With a host of favorable facilities, including a really clean swimming pool and multiple outdoor activities, this camp offers one of the most relaxed environments for learning Muay Thai in the country.



  1. Elite Fight Club: Bangkok

As the capital and the biggest city of Thailand, Bangkok has a lot to offer for Muay Thai enthusiasts. One of the most renowned Muay Thai Camps in the city is the Elite Fight Club, which offers top quality martial arts training at really reasonable rates, despite its location in downtown Bangkok. The club is very tidy, well maintained and also hosts wonderful facilities, including a state-of-the-art gym, swimming pool and sauna within its premises. With celebrity Muay Thai fighters as its promoters and trainers, this camp offers one of the best quality training experiences in the world.



  1. Honour Muay Thai: Pattaya

The tourist resort city of Pattaya is home to some of the most famous Muay Thai fighters in the world. Among the many world class Muay Thai training centers in the city, Honour Muay Thai stands out as one of the most preferred camps for tourists and expats. Affordable and clean facilities, along with the presence of renowned professional fighters, Honour Muay Thai offers one of the most comprehensive and authentic training for any martial art or fitness enthusiast.



  1. Suwit Muay Thai: Chalong, Phuket

Over the decades, Phuket has been one of the most fertile grounds for Muay Thai and is home to many renowned Muay Thai professional fighters. The Suwit Muay Thai Camp is one of the best known Muay Thai camps not just in the city, but in the entire country. From the beginner level martial arts courses to the advanced trainer courses, this club provides certified training in Muay Thai for its trainees. With a range of affordable options, this camp can accommodate to the needs of any martial art and fitness enthusiast.



Special mentions


  • Charn Chai Muay Thai: Pai

Located in the peaceful resort town of Pai in Northern Thailand (near the border with Myanmar), Charn Chai Muay Thai boasts all the necessary facilities for any serious Muay Thai or fitness enthusiast. If you want to make Muay Thai a long-term commitment, the extended yearly and half-yearly courses from Charn Chai may serve to your needs adequately.



  • Kombat Group Muay Thai: Pattaya

For people who prefer to take Muay Thai trainings within a group setting, the Kombat Group Muay Thai camp offers a whole list of packages at affordable prices for an extended stay. The camp is run by some of the most well-known fighters in the world of Muay Thai and has quality facilities to serve both male and female students. In fact, this center is one of the most preferred Muay Thai Camps among foreign trainees in the city of Pattaya.



Muay Thai is indeed a really feasible regime for maintaining consistent fitness and energy levels. It also carves the physique into a work of art. Your body will become a strong, toned and tightened temple. It is because of the proven fitness benefits of Muay Thai that clubs and gyms all over the world are offering courses in the discipline to interested people. However, learning Muay Thai from a renowned camp in Thailand doesn’t just mean the guaranteed availability of experienced and renowned trainers, but also a very affordable package in a very effective and intensive environment.


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